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Welcome to the new homepage!

Took long enough, didn't it?

I look back on how I started this as an online project: watching someone else use a mediocre html editor on my artwork, then trying my hand at it and taking to scripting in Notepad. I also look back on the first chapter of art scanned for me, haphazard preparation on a laptop, making a commute from Queens NY to Jersey City to scan images myself as pages were drawn and balloons lettered.

There was just so much of this I could take durign a time of limited resources and failing health. Now I have the necessary resources right here in my living room. After 17 months, it's time to continue, and I intend to make it worth your wait.

The Fate of Black Blade as a Comic Book

I'm going to reprint a query from a couple years back when this chapter originally ran on Compuserve:
I'm looking forward to seeing The Black Blade in print. Any idea when that will be?
I'm drawing THE BLACK BLADE with hardcopy in mind; the pages are based on a 10"x15" standard field. But the future is here and now. The Internet is where it's at. The comics industry is a pathetic joke, and I'm not going to break my head over getting this published. In time, the entire series will be made available for electronic viewing, but for now I'll be serialising the first book right here on

If someone shows interest in publishing the book in all its detailed glory, I'll consider it.


Feedback Welcome

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Danny's SONI™ CineDisc™
Can't Beat That With A Stick!

Isn't technology amazing? A home VR system with a double CD deck which takes a compact laserdisk (CDV) and captures a desired image and adapts it to an application. We're not far away from that already!
But as you see, even in the 21st Century you're going to have to contend with bugs when space runs out. And Danny is rather demanding on his equipment, so what happened in this VR session shouldn't surprise anyone!

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Once bitten, twice shy.

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